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Rural medical program achieves first graduate


One young woman has received the historic distinction of becoming the first person to graduate from the University of Louisville's rural medical accelerated track program.

Ashley Jessup, just began her residency at Baptist Health in Madisonville, after receiving her medical degree in June.

The rural accelerated medical program cuts down on costs and time for those wanting to go into the medical field by shortening a traditional 4-year program into three years.

"So what we were hearing was there was this group of people who were not making it into medical school because the training was too long and too expensive, so we started planning in eight years ago to try to have an accelerated program," says Dr. William Crump.

"For me it's great because I love the rural area, I love being here. It's ideal for me to be a student here and go back to a rural setting because I feel like I'll be trained very well to do that," says Ashley Jessup.

The program also focuses on steering young medical students back into rural setting to increase the medical knowledge in every corner of the region.

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