New historic school opens in Webster County

WEBSTER CO., KY (WFIE) - The school district new multi-million dollar middle school opened for the first day of school on Thursday.

The brand new middle school, and first ever in the district, is attached onto the high school in Dixon.

New superintendent doctor Rachel Yarbrough thinks the school provides a better transition for kids moving from elementary to high school age.

"Our students are very excited to be in this new school, to be the first students who are enrolled in the Webster County middle school is exciting. The staff here has worked so hard to prepare for these students and prepare for the first day of school," says Yarbrough.  "The feeling here is just very welcoming and positive and exciting to our students. We're committed to creating the best learning opportunities we can for these middle school students in Webster County."

Webster County also returned to a traditional 5-day school schedule this year.

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