Mild summer causes surplus in energy for utility companies

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - If you've noticed a lower utility bill this summer, you're not alone.

Now, some utility companies are trying to figure out ways to make sure your big savings don't impact them negatively.

Henderson-based Big Rivers Electric Corporation says its been an unusually mild summer, leaving utility companies with a surplus of energy.

Big Rivers has been trying to sell their surplus to other companies across the country, but with it being a mild summer practically everywhere, they haven't sold as much.

Fortunately, they say they've made agreements in the past to sell energy, so that helps with business.

Marty Litrrel with Big Rivers says utility companies are dependent on the weather.

"A mild summer can result in less demand depending on the region that's impacted and this year has been mild. Power consumption has been down and obviously people aren't cooling their homes like they ordinarily would and that has a big impact on the power that we sell," says Litrrel.

Big Rivers is part of a group that shares power among 15 states and Canada.

Last year's harsh winter has also helped, bringing in revenue to help offset this summer's reduction.

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