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Fire station destroyed

Fire station destroyed

South Hopkins firefighters are called to their own station late Wednesday night when a fire breaks out.  Deanna Allbrittin is live from the scene this morning with the latest.

High speed chase

A Huntingburg man is in jail this morning after Indiana State Police say he lead authorities on a chase with speeds reaching 115 miles per hour.  The story is new overnight.

Muggy morning & rain on the way?

We're starting the day off on a humid note with warmer temperatures in the 70s.  Byron will tell us when we can expect some rain.

Bluegrass in the Park

Emily Busby has all the details on one of the largest free bluegrass festivals in the country that's happening in Henderson.

Apparently, we need more of this kid

The now famous "apparently" kid is back.  What he had to say in an interview about THAT interview at the county fair that had people everywhere laughing.

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