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Proposed Owensboro smoking ban causes debate at commission meeting


The Owensboro City Commission is considering a possible smoking ban at all public places across the city.

The first reading of the proposed ordinance was Tuesday night and there were strong opinions on both sides of the issue.

"We need our citizens to be active engaged and making great lifestyle choices," said CEO of Owensboro Health, Phillip Patterson.

Mayor Ron Payne told 14 News people wouldn't be able to smoke in parks, outdoor dining areas, properties owned by the city, or any public place.

Advocate for the ban, Steve Moreland, spoke at the meeting. He said, "any ordinances to slow down and encourage young people and adults to slow down smoking, if they are, and also encourage young people to never get started."

Ashley Oberst thinks a smoking ban in Owensboro would affect business, negatively.

"I think a smoking ban here in owensboro is not going to be very beneficial a lot of people in Owensboro smoke," said Oberst.

There will be a second reading at the next city commission meeting.

If it passes the ban would go into affect September 1.

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