Mosquito problem in Newburgh

West Nile concerns
West Nile concerns

NEWBURGH, IN (WFIE) - People in a Newburgh neighborhood say they're dealing with a huge mosquito problem.

P.J. Hayden moved into his home in 1979. He says over the past two years he has seen more and more mosquitoes.

Since the West Nile virus has been found in 13 Indiana counties, including neighboring Vanderburgh, Hayden says he's worried about his safety.

He says he's tried to get rid of the mosquitoes but nothing has worked, "We went to using the citronella, lemongrass around the deck. I even sprayed with Listerine and Dawn which is supposed to put them down.  Then we got some stuff called garlic mosquito barrier and I sprayed that but they just keep coming back."

Hayden says he just made a discovery though that might explain why there are so many mosquitoes.

There's an uncovered swimming pool nearby, full of standing water.

Hayden says he's called the Warrick County Health Department in hopes that someone there will be able to help him.

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