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Fredericksburg pregnant mother of four dies after bee sting


A Fredericksburg a family is mourning the loss of a mother and her unborn child. On Thursday, loved ones are attending a memorial for Sarah Harkins and her unborn daughter. Family says Harkins died after an allergic reaction to a bee sting that triggered a brain aneurysm.

With four children and one more on the way, Harkins put love first.

"Dedicated to her family that was her number one occupation and she took it very seriously," said Tom Schulzetenberg, Harkins' brother. 


He says Harkins always wanted to be a mother. She had been married nine years; her oldest child is seven-years-old and her youngest is one. But now, they will grow up without their mother.


According to her family, she was in her own backyard when she was stung by a bee or a wasp and had an allergic reaction which caused a brain aneurysm. Doctors told the family the stress from the allergic reaction triggered the brain aneurysm. 


"Sarah was in ICU and we were told by the doctors there's no hope of recovery," said Schulzetenberg. 


Her unborn child did not survive. She died the same day as her mother, her family named her Cecelia Rachel.

The large family is surrounding Harkins' husband and four children. Right now they're relying on faith.


"We pray with them," said Schulzetenberg. 


Harkins' presence is all around her loved ones. In fact, her fingerprints are imprinted on the unique rosaries she made and sold. Each bead was made by her hand. 


"Her hands are still part of the rosary and the unfinished work that still lies in house," Schulzetenberg added. 


That unfinished business includes a father now promising to raise their children the way his wife would have wanted.

Harkins will be buried in Maryland. 
If you would like to help the Harkins children, click here.


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