WKY salvage company contesting nearly $70,000 in OSHA fines


A Western Kentucky salvage company is contesting close to $70,000 in fines handed down from OSHA.

Officials confirm to 14News that S&S Salvage is contesting fines recently handed down for asbestos related work violations dating back to an investigation which began in February.

Officials say four workers were put into contact with harmful asbestos at an old factory in Madisonville.

"Well right now we're just contesting the violations that they found, each specific one. Obviously there was quite a few of them but each individual one we have a little bit of issue with," said Misty Kelley the HR Manager at S&S Salvage.

There will now be a hearing between S&S Salvage and the Labor cabinet to decide whether the violations will be upheld or not.


A 14 news update to a story we first told you about in February.

A Western Kentucky company is now facing thousands in fines after officials say they were doing unauthorized salvaging operations.

The Kentucky Labor Cabinet Occupational Safety and Health have fined Rising Point LLC and S&S Salvage, both under the same ownership, just under $70,000.

Officials say four workers were put into contact with harmful asbestos at an old factory just outside Madisonville.

Documents obtained by 14News show the companies have to abate the problem by July 15th.

--PREVIOUS STORY-- The demolition of an old manufacturing is now on hold, as the EPA looks into the working conditions of those doing the job.

The "Do not enter" sign posted outside the old Goodyear plant in Madisonville will stay put until the EPA is done investigating what officials say could be a large amount of Asbestos in the facility.

Officials with the city of Madisonville, the EPA, and licensed testing contractors were on site of Friday. Officials took samples of what they say could be a thick layer of Asbestos inside and outside the plant. Madisonville city officials say for about 4 weeks, S&S Salvage had been working at the boiler plant without proper permits.

City officials say the EPA had instructed S&S Salvage to gather all employees who have worked on the side, as they could have been exposed.

City officials are calling the plant a "Hot-site" and one of the worst they've ever seen.

"They told us there is no danger for any of the surrounding people as far as air quality like anyone around it unless there in the immediate vicinity of the site. That's why we got the site locked down," said Madisonville city official Frank Wallace.

14 News did reach out to S&S Salvage for a comment on the EPA's investigation but they have yet to return our call.

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