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Sheriff Deputies say Driver leaves path of destruction

In Ohio County, sheriff's deputies say they arrested a driver who caused a path of destruction across two counties. 52-year-old Roy Sowder of Daviess County is facing a number of charges, including driving under the influence.

Jacob Huff says he was at work when his grandfather told him someone ran over his mailbox. When Huff got home - he says he saw more than his mailbox on the ground.  "He plowed through two little horses and a piece of plywood that we had set up for a yard sale and then went on," said Huff.

Ohio County Sheriff Deputies say a tip led them to 52-year-old Roy Sowder's home on Pleasant Ridge Road. Deputies say Sowder told them he smoked marijuana, got in his pickup truck, and drove off. Deputies say Sowder told them he started hallucinating and seeing large animals in the road and was trying to dodge them.  "That's when we concluded that apparently every time he swerved to miss an animal he ran into a fence, a mailbox, or a sign," said Sgt Chris Matthews with the Ohio County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies say Sowder took out several stop signs, mail boxes, ran over trash cans, damaged fences, and knocked down the "welcome to Ohio County" sign on his two and half mile ride. Sowder was arrested and charged with driving under the influence, having no proof of insurance, and not notifying the department of transportation that his address changed. Deputies estimate the damage to be well over a thousand dollars. Huff says he has no hard feelings towards Sowder. "I guess it's cool. I got a new mail box, I'm sure there is a reason why it happened. I don't know why," said Huff.

Deputies say Sowder will be brought to Ohio County where he will face additional charges.

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