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Neighbors speak loud and clear at Walmart public hearing

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It will be another month before people living in Vanderburgh County find out if Walmart is any closer to its goal of adding a new store.

The Board of Zoning Appeals decided to delay any decision until their next meeting. 

Every single seat in the room was taken Thursday night, mostly by people who live near State Road 57 and Boonville New Harmony Road. 

"Every night I drive home, and it's so dark and peaceful, and then I keep thinking what am I going to come home to in a couple years," Vickie Young said.

Thirteen people took to the podium tonight to talk about the hot topic: the proposed Walmart.
"I've been there 15 years. We grew our community in houses," Faith Georges said. "We grew our churches, and now the commercial is coming."

Almost every person who talked took a similar stance. 

"90 of the people, and I bet I can speak for almost everybody in here, we don't want them," Brian Fitzgerald said.

It was clear that most neighbors don't want this store. They say if it's going to come no matter what, they want it to come quietly.

Neighbors say they want a limited amount of big signs, help with traffic congestion, landscaping barriers between nearby houses and the store and lighting that doesn't disrupt the neighborhood.

"You live in the country, you want to sit outside," Brenda Mobley said. "You want to see the starry skies, and now you're going to see parking lights all the time."

The zoning board says they only deal with three aspects - parking spaces, signs and green islands.

Some people say that's leaving them with more questions than answers. 

The board voted to delay any decision making until their next meeting, which is at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 21.

At that meeting, they could vote to either approve or deny Walmart's requests.

Even if they do approve it, Walmart will have to go through several other loops before they can bring the store in. 

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