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Widow of man murdered in Detroit speaks about trucker safety

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The widow of murdered Dubois County truck driver Mike Boeglin is pushing for better laws to keep truckers safe.

Boeglin was killed in Detroit last month, his found body in the burning cab of his truck.

Ashley Boeglin is now using her anger and grief to promote something positive.

Boeglin points out there are few places where truckers can feel safe stopping and resting and she says she'd like to see that change.

Boeglin also points out a trucker's rig is his or her home and is easily accessible by those who may try to harm a trucker.

Boeglin believes trucks should be built with better safety features and should be just as secure as someone's house.

Boeglin also says more communities should build secure locations where truckers can rest.

Boeglin is still grieving over Mike's death but says Mike would want other people to learn from his murder.

"He would say there's, of course, that time to grieve and to keep him in my thoughts and prayers," says Ashley. "But he would also want people to understand what goes on for the world of a truck driver. If at any time those individuals are away from their family, you know, their safety should be of concern for anybody."

Boeglin says the investigation into Mike's murder has not progressed and that she feels Mike's case simply doesn't matter to the Detroit Metro Police.

Crime Stoppers of Michigan is offering a $2,500 reward to anyone that has information on Mike's case that leads to an arrest.

You can contact Crime Stoppers by calling 1-800-SPEAK-UP.

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