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Reminder: 10-digit dialing for 812/930 starts in September

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The City of Evansville is issuing a reminder about 10-digit dialing.

Because of the implementation of the new 930 area code, beginning September 6, people in the 812/930 area will be required to dial 10 digits (area code + number) for local calls.

For example, to contact the Mesker Park Zoo:

  • Now you dial: 435-6143
  • On Sept 6 you must dial: 812-435-6143

The new area code covers the same geographic area as the current 812 area code and is needed because of the shrinking number of unused telephone numbers in the 812 area code. Without the addition of 930, the supply of available numbers for southern and south-central Indiana would run out in 2015.

Access to 911 and other three digit services will continue to work as before and will not require you to enter the area code.

For more information on the new area code you can visit the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor web site at

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