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Neighbors upset about speeders on newly opened Evansville road

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Neighbors who live along Oak Hill Road are fired up, claiming the recently completed project is now unsafe because of all the speeding traffic.

The winding, uphill road from Pigeon Creek to Lynch just re-opened after a year of construction.

One Evansville police officer says he's been monitoring Oak Hill Road. The speed limit is 35 miles per hour. In one day, he gave out eight warnings and two tickets. He gave some of those to drivers who were hitting 50 miles per hour or higher.

People in the area say they're thrilled about the newly constructed road that's complete with sidewalks and a bike path. However, those same people say they're already sick of the speeders.

Paul Roberts has lived right off of Oak Hill for three years. He says he's glad police are bringing out their radar guns because he's afraid any day now, someone is going to get hurt.

"If you're going 55, 60 miles an hour, and you lose control of the vehicle, you could easily run over a bicyclist, a jogger. You could run into one of the neighbors' houses. I mean, it's a real danger," Roberts said. "I don't think people understand that when they're going through here. You know, they're treating it like it's their own personal race track, and I'm just so worried someone is going to be hurt or killed, and I don't want that to happen, especially in my neighborhood."

Roberts says ultimately all he wants is for drivers to slow down. That's what Evansville police want too. They say they'll continue to ticket speeders in the area.

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