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Councilwoman wants to see less crime in her ward

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Evansville Councilwoman Missy Mosby represents the southeast side and says her neighborhood is seeing more and more violence.

She says enough is enough and is asking the community to help police make it stop.

Mosby says she and many other neighbors are working with the Evansville Police Department to try and put a stop to the crime.

The councilwoman says she's noticed more violence in her ward, specifically near Vann and Pollack Avenues.

The area's Crime Prevention Officer says there are lots of issues there.

Police have even moved the Guardian, their vehicle that has cameras on it, to a nearby apartment complex.

Mosby says she's taken calls from people who say they're so concerned they won't even walk on that side of town anymore.

So she's asking anyone who notices any kind of suspicious or criminal activity to report it.

"I'm really concerned and scared," said Mosby. "Where I live at, we've had gunshots to the west, gunshots to the east, and it's just very concerning for all of us because we want to be able to have the quality of life and enjoy our neighborhood. So, we are hoping with the help of the police department, that we can get this stopped."

Mosby and EPD hope the Good Neighbor Ordinance will cut down some of the violence.

Under the new rules, repeat criminal offenders could be evicted from their apartment or rental home.

That goes into effect in October.

In the meantime, Mosby and EPD ask anyone with information on a crime to call 911 or use the anonymous WeTip Hotline.

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