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Residents fed up with fireworks still being set off

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Evansville Dispatch tells us they were called 308 times about fireworks throughout the city between June 29th and the 9th.

Under the current ordinance, people can set off fireworks during those days.

Debbie Grace tells me fireworks have kept her and her husband up, sometimes as late as 3:30 AM.

She says when she heard about the potential ordinance, she thought it had been a long time coming.

Grace says since the Fourth fireworks have gone down, but she has been hearing them since Memorial Day consistently.

She says she doesn't understand why people need 11 days to celebrate a holiday.

"I don't see why anybody needs to celebrate the fourth of July for more than a week," said Grace. "It's insane to have fireworks being allowed from June 29th to July 9th.  I don't get that."

City Council member Missy Mosby says she thinks the ordinance is fine the way it is written, but -- there should be more education available about city laws.

There's no word on when the council will vote on the issue.

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