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Albion, IL man wants to make city more handicap accessible

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An Albion, IL man is asking city leaders to make some changes in hopes of bettering the lives of some of the residents.

Stan Struckmeyer tells us he wants to see more accessibility for those who are handicapped.

The retired Edwards County High School Principal says he's spent the past five years learning how to live with a disability.

Struckmeyer has muscular dystrophy and is now confined to a wheelchair.

He says until he actually had to start using one, he never noticed there are several places in the city that aren't handicap accessible.

Struckmeyer says one of those spots is the city's library because all of the entrances have steps. He says it's nearly impossible for anyone with physical disabilities to use some of the sidewalks or get into the main office in city hall.

He's taken his concerns to city council in hopes they'll be willing to add ramps or even install elevators. He believes changes are necessary and would benefit more than those with handicaps.

"Many of the elderly have the same problems as a handicapped person will have, whether it's opening a door or navigating through steps, on a sidewalk that's in poor shape," Struckmeyer said. "It's time. It's time to get the ball rolling... You want people to have the best life and the fullest life they can have."

Struckmeyer says he didn't ask for an immediate response from city council. He plans to attend the September meeting in hopes of hearing from them then.

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