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Evansville councilman wants to change fireworks law

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One Evansville City Council member wants to reduce the number of days residents can legally set off fireworks after the Fourth of July.

Councilman Dan Adams believes nine days is too long and that one weekend closest to the holiday is enough.

During a council meeting on Monday, he asked City Council Attorney Scott Danks to come up with a proposed amendment to the current law

Some other council members agreed that something needs to be done after the amount of phone calls they received so far this year.

"One gentleman said he just can't stand the noise any further and the only thing I could think of was to get one of those noise suppressing earmuffs that gun lovers use when they're out on the range but it was more than that," said Councilman Adams. "It was the fact that it went on and on and on for so many days. But the other suggestion by Councilwoman Brinkerhoff-Riley of putting in the fireworks shop you're responsible for your kid up to $5,000, that's powerful. Plus, these are the only days you can shoot them off. Can't say they didn't know it when they bought them."

Council Attorney Danks said he will look at surrounded communities to see what their laws are.

There's no word on when the council will vote on the issue.

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