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Evansville man preparing to swim a marathon

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Jeff Williams is in training for a marathon but he won't be running it - he'll be swimming it in the Ohio River.

Williams will swim from the Old Lock and Dam Park in Newburgh to the Henderson Riverfront, a total of 26 miles.

He says he's swam a few 10 mile races in the past and thought he could use this swim to raise money for charities in Henderson and Evansville.

Williams will swim with three others and a boat monitoring him that day.

He says people think he's crazy to swim in the Ohio River, let alone that far.

"They think we're absolutely lunatics," Williams said. "Most people say, "you swim in the Ohio River?"  Yes we do. During the summer, when the river hits pool stage, the current is low and the water clears up fairly nicely. For the most part it's calm out there unless the winds happen to be high that day."

Williams has set a tentative date for the swim as September 13.

Click here to follow Williams' training and donate to the charities once they're announced.

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