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Dog left in hot car dies, man dumps body in lake

Benjamin Hafer Benjamin Hafer

Benjamin Hafer took a CBS46 news crew through a wooded path to Dunlin Lake, which is behind his house on Ferrite Loop Road in Gwinnett County.

"This is the lake right over here," said Hafer.

With two of his dogs in tow, Hafer pointed to the lake were he dumped another one of his dog's body.

"I did a terrible thing. It was terrible, horrible accident, my fault. I can't take it back," said Hafer

Gwinnett County police arrested Hafer after a neighbor called and said he left his dog in a hot truck to die.

Hafer showed the news crews the spot behind the passenger seat where he found the dog.

"He was a black dog and he was right down there on the black floor," Hafer said.

Hafer said he rescues dogs in the neighborhood. He had the one that died for four years.

"There were so many dogs in the car. I just didn't notice the one not get out until, like maybe two hours later."

Hafer lives in a duplex with his 75-year-old mother and three other dogs. He said he loves them all.

"I've given and done the best I can and I over extended myself," said Hafer.

Police said two months ago, they received a report of Hafer leaving another dog in a hot car to die, but he was never charged because there was no evidence.

Hafer said this is the first time it happened and he dumped the dog's body in the lake in accordance with his religious beliefs.

"I didn't want him away from here. I also didn't want to waste him. There are animals in the lake that could have at him and that would have been food," said Hafer.

Police charged Hafer with one count of cruelty to animals, which is a misdemeanor.

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