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Owner of burglarized jewelry store thanks police, warns others to improve security

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Genesis Diamonds was robbed on June 21. Genesis Diamonds was robbed on June 21.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The owner of a jewelry store that was robbed by burglars who entered through the roof issued a statement thanking police for their quick response and warning other jewelry stores to take steps to prevent similar thefts.

Boaz Ramon, president of Genesis Diamonds, thanked the police officers that responded to the break-in on June 21.

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He also told other stores to consider adding more security:

To my fellow members of the jewelry community: please be aware that all stores run the risk of rooftop burglaries if motion detectors are not present in your ceilings. These individuals were in-and-out of our store in 3 minutes. If there were motion detectors in the ceilings, they would set off the alarms much sooner and never made it into the store. No one will ever enter my store this way again.

I suggest discussing precautionary safety measures with your employees. Be aware of anyone who doesn’t make eye contact, will not talk to you and who is overly attentive to where your motion detectors are located. It is my sincere hope that none of you experience this kind of event.

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To read the full statement, visit the Genesis Diamonds website.

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