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Neighbors react to Polish Village shooting

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

It's happened again.

More violence on the streets of Toledo.

This time, four teenagers were shot early Saturday morning.

Shots rang out near the corner of Warsaw and East Streicher Streets in north Toledo.

One nearby resident who asked only to be identified as Shelia says the city needs to do more to stop the violence.

"I think it can be controlled because I'm from the old school. If you can stop the Black Panthers you can stop anything and I think they're not putting enough effort towards stopping it," said Shelia.

Hospitalized with gunshot wounds are James Arnold, Rondale Ensley and Marquise Robinson, all 17 years old.

Toledo Police say 16-year-old Keontae Johnson was also shot.

He had just finished his sophomore year at St. Francis High School.

Mr. Johnson made a name for himself this year as a key running back for the Knights football team.

"If you don't want to classify this as being gang violence, classify it as whatever you want to classify it as. But it needs to be stopped and the people we put into office need to put their feet down and stop it," added Shelia.

Don Olejnik has lived In the neighborhood where the shootings occurred for 55 years.

It's still known as the Polish Village.

But most Poles have left.

"Lots of friends have more out of here and I'm pretty much the Lone Ranger because there's not many left," said Don.

Despite the increase in crime, Don and his wife have no plans to leave because they still feel secure.

"If you don't bother anybody, they don't bother you. They're just fighting amongst themselves. Lots of drugs, lots of gangs, stuff like that," said Don.

As of Saturday night, there had been no arrests in the case.

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