Firefighters: Use safety on the water

Summer is here - the time of year emergency responders in Owensboro say they typically see an increase in boating accidents and injuries.

Denney Cecil and his friends are cruising the Ohio River, testing out adjustments they made to their motor. Cecil has been boating for 25 years and says you can't lose focus when you're out on the water. "Just like the river rises and falls it's always changing and no matter how much experience you got situations change and you never want to lose focus," said Cecil.

he Owensboro Fire Department says boating accidents and injuries tend to increase during the peak of summer. A Boonville teen was recently killed on the Ohio River after he became entangled in a boat propeller. Firefighters are asking people to be careful when out on the water. "Dealing with this for 25 plus years you see a lot of situations that could have been easily prevented and common sense comes into play. I know people don't like hearing it, but boat sober," said Owensboro Battalion Chief Steve Leonard, "Another thing we want people to be in mindful of is making sure that if you're on river water ways that you're careful not to get near barge traffic or other boating traffic."

Firefighters say its important to understand the laws and rules of the water, have life jackets on board, be familiar with equipment on the boat, use caution when boating at night, be on the lookout for any hazard in the water.