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Officials: Evansville man hits 4yr old, arrested

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The Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office arrested 31-year-old Mark Hodgen after they say he hit a four-year-old child.

Deputies say the child's mother left Mark alone with the child. When she returned she found the child crying and a large bruise on his face.

According to the mother, the child told her that "daddy" had hit him because he was "being rude".

The mother confronted Mark, who admitted to hitting the child too hard, and left the home.

When the mother called authorities, Mark was crying and attempting to cut himself with a knife.

When deputies arrived Mark had fled the scene.

Deputies say the child had large hand shaped bruises on the entire side of his face making them think the child had been hit repeatedly.

The child was taken to St. Mary's for treatment.

Deputies were able to determine that Mark was likely to flee to Lafayette where he has family.

A warrant was issued and Mark was arrested by the Lafayette Police Department.

He is being charged with battery resulting in bodily injury to a child.

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