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Evansville Rescue Mission announces 'Cycles for Hope' program

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Last week, workers at the Evansville Rescue Mission posted on social media that 3 bikes belonging to residents had been stolen.

Since then 14 bikes, including 11 that are new, have been donated.

Because so many bikes have been donated, the mission is unveiling a new program called 'Cycles for Hope'.

Residents will be allowed to check out bikes to run errands, go to their job or interviews. 

Evansville Rescue Mission President and CEO Tracy Gorman says they're actually expecting more bikes to come in.

He says it still amazes him how the community can give so much to help their mission.

"It warms my heart and the hearts of my staff members to know the community cares about the people that we serve," says Gorman. "They're not forgotten and in the shadows. People really do want to make a difference in their lives. It has been a blessing to us for sure."

Gorman says that one man brought in 3 brand new bikes on his birthday.

The program will start as soon as they get new bar codes for the bikes and virtually indestructible bike chains.

The rescue mission has also installed better lighting where they will store the bikes.

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