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Storm damage leaves Albion family homeless

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In Albion, Illinois, the severe weather caused a tree to completely crash into a home, making it unlivable. 

Darlene Fisher, who lives down the street from the damaged house, says she and her family heard a loud boom during the storm. They checked to see what it was and saw a home on South 1st Street broken into pieces because of a large tree.

Fisher says she immediately ran to the house to see if the Knights, the family who lives there, were home. Thankfully, they weren't. 

"I'm just glad that they were gone, and now we just, you know, I just feel bad," Fisher said. "I just want them to have somewhere to go and somewhere to be safe."

A few dogs were inside when the tree fell, but Fisher and other neighbors were able to rescue them.

The Knights say the damage is so severe, they've lost almost everything. The Red Cross did come by to help, but Fisher says she hopes neighbors and even strangers will lend a hand.

"I just think that as a community we should reach out and help them. They're always going around and doing work for everybody else," Fisher said. "You know, they come down to my house and cut trees and do yard work, and I know they do that for other people too, so now it's our turn to repay that favor and help them."

Neighbors, family and friends did stand on the side of the road with donation signs to try and help the Knight family.

Those interested in donating should contact Darlene Fisher directly by calling (618) 450-0097.

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