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Boonville home split in two after tree uproots during storm

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Photo courtesy: Sam Tackett Photo courtesy: Sam Tackett

The wind didn't last long in the Tri-State on Monday during the storms, but it sure was strong.

So strong that it uprooted a tree in Boonville, raising a house up off the ground with it.

The wind pulled a large tree up by the roots, lifting a house up off its foundation.

We're told it actually split the home in two.

The room off the ground is a children's bedroom.

Fortunately no one was home at the time, but it caused quite the scare for some neighbors who feared the family might be home and trapped inside the house.

Some of them rushed over to see if they could help before authorities arrived on scene.

"The wind just made a loud sound," said Sam Tackett. "I thought it was a tornado and I looked out and this tree here was just going like this and I heard like a crackling sound and came out and the tree was down and the house was uprooted. I thought he was there inside there and he wasn't in there, thank God."

The house has major damage.

The Red Cross is helping out the family that lives there.

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