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Additional testing could pause Gabe's Tower project

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Environmental tests on Gabe's Tower in Owensboro could push work on the project back another couple of months.

The owners of the tower recently told the city that more tests to check the building for asbestos will have to be done before they will continue work on the project.

Back in February, the Environmental Protection Agency finished phase one of testing. No asbestos was found.

Now, the company renovating the project will have a private firm conduct phase two of the asbestos inspection.

Owensboro City Manager Bill Parrish says if something is detected, it would change the initial hotel remodeling plan.

"The question is will Gabe's tower continue, and they have two options, one is they can look at it and say the cost is too high, but I have no indication that is not going to go through, the question is do they do one level of rehab or a second level," said Parrish.

The additional testing will take about two months. 

Work on the tower is expected to resume once testing is complete.

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