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Deadly ATV accident is safety warning for other riders


Riding an ATV is a very popular pastime during the summer but the four-wheelers can also be very dangerous.

An accident in Crittenden County last Monday claimed the life of 14-year old Gabriel Schanz.

Sheriff's deputies say Schanz lost control of the ATV she was riding and ran head first into a tree.

Neither Schanz nor her passenger, 18 year old Gabriel Buchanan, were wearing helmets.

15 year old Bailey Cambron and her younger brother Joey live down the street from Buchanan and his family in Morganfield. 

"Definitely going to wear a helmet when I go 4-wheeler riding now cause it's impacted Gabe's life for the worst right now, so I'll definitely be wearing a helmet and as other kids should too," said Bailey Cambron, Buchanan's friend.

Safety groups say ATV related accidents usually happen during this time of year and suggest always wearing safety gear when riding.

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