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Carrollton mayor fights against methadone clinic location

Carrollton Mayor Gene McMurry Carrollton Mayor Gene McMurry
John Nevils John Nevils
Troy Stethen Troy Stethen
CARROLLTON, KY (WAVE) - A drug addiction clinic is opening in Carrollton. Its treatment method will be methadone, a synthetic opiate.
But it's the facilities location that has some residents putting up a fight.

"To me it's just not a suitable area to have people that we know when they leave are going to be high on a drug," Carrollton Mayor Gene McMurry said Wednesday.

The clinic is on a road that's been designated as a Safe Routes to School path.

"We've got students that walk everyday down this street to the high school," McMurry said. The clinic is surrounded by three schools, all within blocks.

"Not by a public school house where you've got young kids going in and out," said John Nevils who lives nearby.

"It's juts going to bring more people with more habits in trying to get help," another resident, Troy Stethen, said.

The mayor says by law, patients have to take the drug on site. He says Carroll Counseling LLC is an affiliate of Northern Kentucky Med Clinic.
Their website says patients on methadone do not feel the same euphoria as when they're high on street drugs.

"We just have to make it as safe as possible. It's not going to benefit the city whatsoever," he said.

McMurry explained the state gave the facility the permit to open at the location. Carrollton does not have any city ordinance to stop them.
He expects hundreds of patients a day will be traveling here from surrounding counties to get their methadone dose. The company has a 5-year-lease.

The mayor says he only hopes other small cities in the state of Kentucky can learn from his experience and put ordinances in place to stop methadone clinics from moving into certain areas.

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