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New smoking ban proposal could be coming to Owensboro

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In Owensboro, the city commission is considering a ban on smoking in all public places. Mayor Ron Payne says it's another way to promote a healthy community.

You can find Roy LaRoche and his family enjoying the day at the park when the weathers nice. LaRoche says he likes to have a cigarette on occasion when he's out, but the park may soon be off limits. The city of Owensboro is considering an ordinance that will ban smoking in public places, parks, and outdoor dining areas. LaRoche says he supports a smoking ban to a certain extent. "The parks I can understand, but not completely ban it. Just make it a certain distance from the play areas around the kids," said LaRoche.

In downtown Owensboro, Dane Higginbothem is enjoying the evening eating outside with friends. He says he supports banning smoking from outdoor dining areas. "I don't think it's offensive, but I think out of respect you should be at least 50 feet away you have the choice to walk down the street a little bit and enjoy it there," said Higginbothem.

The smoking ban ordinance will be presented to the Owensboro City Commission next month. If it passes, the ban will take effect on September 1.

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