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Renovations coming to ambulance station in Huntingburg

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For years EMS workers in Huntingburg have been living and working in less than desirable conditions at an old storage facility on the corner of N. Van Buren St. and Church Ave.

Now renovations are in the works to make things a little more comfortable.

Mayor Dennis Spinner says the ambulance service moved into the building shortly after St. Joseph's Hospital closed in 2007.

Since then, ambulance drivers working 24-hour shifts have had to put up with uncomfortable living arrangements.

EMS workers say without a heating and cooling system, the building is far too hot in the summer and far too cold in the winter.

Driver Scott Fulcher says he's very happy that improvements are finally being made.

"It's going to be so nice to actually be able to have a heated and air conditioned bay, that's going to be temperature-controlled," said Scott.

Mayor Spinner says work on those renovations will begin July 24 and will be complete within four to six months.

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