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Crooks hit three Richmond schools in three days


Just how secure are area schools? We are investigating how crooks managed to break inside at least 3 area schools in as many days. 

You may be surprised to learn the small detail that over time has grown into a larger security challenge. RPS is now working to tackle window latches at aging schools like G.H. Reid Elementary.

In some cases, a forceful push was enough to gain entry to the school. 

"My generation," said G.H. Reid elementary school custodian James Boone, Jr. "We took pride in things. We were like...I'm not going over to the school and mess with something."

Reid Elementary was one of three schools hit by crooks over the weekend. Boone notes the crooks ignored big ticket items live TVs.

"They don't think about the consequences," said Boone. "They just do it. When you are caught and it's parents and police…then they are a deer in headlights. They don't understand it."

Boone showed us the window the crooks likely used to get in the school. It was a small crawl space. He  believes the suspects are young teens. 

"They probably take the smallest kid they can find," said Boone. "Shove them in the room."

Police say crooks also hit Oak Grove-Bellmeade Elementary School. They also hit 1611 North 31st street. It is a vacant school. The suspects took several large batteries and a drill.

Boone notes several repairs have been made. It all comes as a volunteer Facilities Task Force makes it rounds. They are touring aging Richmond schools in hopes of make recommendation on ways to tackle much needed repairs and safety challenges. For example, some window latches are being replaced at Reid Elementary.

"Just old latches," said Boone. The guys come and put something new on it, and we are good to go."

Police have not said if the cases are related. If you have any information contact crime stoppers at 804-780-1000. 

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