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Company tracks World Cup tweets

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If you haven't been following the World Cup, the U.S. lost to Germany last week 1-0.  But, America is still going to the next round of the global competition, and that means there will be plenty more tweets to come about the tournament. 

While Americans watched last week at work, workers at Netbase watched what they were tweeting.  Like most Silicon Valley companies, Netbase had the game on, but their goal was to gather data from social media, taking what people posted and turning it into usable information. 

"We take all that great data from Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forums and then we have machines read it for you. We look for things like how do people say they feel? About FIFA or whatever subject it happens to be. What do they think about it, kind of what their opinions are, and what behaviors they might be exerting," said Netbase founder, Michael Osofsky.

For example, from following soccer hashtags, we know that futbol is actually very big in the U.S.- the number one national search topic all day on Google, dominating the global Twitter stream. 

"I think people are definitely doing both whenever there is a goal it's up there on social media right away in fact I didn't even have to look at the game I could just see it straight on social media, oh something happened and actually it wasn't good for us because our stats are negative right now," said Anna Startseva with Netbase.

Those are stats that Netbase can turn into gold for its clients.

The U.S. faces off against Belgium at 3 p.m. CST Tuesday on ESPN.  And, if you're sharing about it online, Netbase will be watching. 

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