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ISP: Texting and driving law not very effective

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Just three years after becoming illegal in the state, Indiana State Police say texting while driving hasn't produced many tickets.

State Police say while the law is great to have it's actually hard to enforce because it doesn't prevent people from typing in numbers, directions, or using other apps on their phones.

The law passed after a 2010 study showed more than 1,000 crashes in Indiana were linked to cell phone use.

ISP says fewer than 400 tickets have been handed out in the three years since texting while driving has been illegal.

Motorist Lance Fulton says he almost always finds that he's lost control of his vehicle whenever he has been texting and driving.

However, Fulton says that doesn't necessarily stop him from doing it.

He says texting is easier most of the time than making a call for just a few seconds.

"I try to not text and drive but it's just easier sometimes to text rather than make a phone call or just not do it," says Fulton. "Most of the time you're trying to tell someone something like, 'I'm going to be late' or 'Sorry man I'm just now leaving.'"

Fulton says he recently got a new phone with a pre-installed app called "Drive Mode" which blocks him from receiving calls or messages while driving.

It also sends an automatic message to anyone trying to get in touch with him that he is driving.

That app along with several similar apps are free to download.

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