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Lois Lerner's attorney: 'GOP unfairly targeting my client'

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WASHINGTON (CNN) - Lois Lerner is being unfairly vilified by the Republican Party, according to the lawyer representing the former IRS official.

It comes following an investigation into whether or not the agency unfairly targeted people for political reasons.

William Taylor says his client's computer crashed and destroyed many documents that are being sought by a House committee.

That has led some to say Lerner and others have purposely hidden or destroyed the information.

During an exclusive interview on CNN’s State of the Union Taylor says these accusations from GOP are par for the course.

"This is election-year politics,” Taylor said. “It's convenient to have a demon that they can create."

California Representative Darrel Issa is leading the house investigation in the lost documents.

He also appeared on the same program and said that Taylor has repeatedly lied about a number of issues linked to the matter.

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