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Gay marriage advocates hopeful that the stay will be lifted

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It was just two days between the ruling allowing same sex marriages in Indiana and the stay.

Now one local advocate says he's hopeful for the stay to get lifted but it may take some time.

That's how President of Tri-State Alliance Wally Paynter describes the week after the stay was issued Friday evening.


"It's been a crazy few days," says Paynter. "I had a lot of friends, who've been waiting decades to get married, who got married. Then, I had other friends that got their licenses on Friday planning to get married this weekend."

Paynter says while the stay prevents same-sex marriages from being recognized in Indiana for the time being, he's hopeful with the ruling declaring the ban unconstitutional earlier in the week, the stay will be lifted.

"Other appeals courts have also issued stays," says Paynter. "This week the first federal court has ruled in our favor."

Paynter says while currently the status of the marriages in between Wednesday and Friday are in limbo they still might end up being recognized.

"What's happened in other states is those marriages end up being recognized," says Paynter. "So, I think they'll be required to recognize the marriages that have already happened."

The case now goes to the 7th District Circuit Court, which Paynter is confident they'll rule in favor of same-sex marriage.

"When it comes to the equal protection clause, courts are saying that applies to everyone, even your gay and lesbian citizens," says Paynter. "I'm very hopeful, the courts will rule on our side."

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