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EVSC union and school board contract dispute

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On Saturday, 300 people who work for EVSC attended a meeting to discuss a contract that is set to expire on Monday.

The contract dispute is between union workers at EVSC: secretaries, custodians, and bus drivers and the school board. The hold up revolves around the duration clause.

On Monday the old contract will expire but a new one has not been agreed upon just yet.

EVSC Chief Communications Officer Marsha Jackson says the dispute is not even necessary.

"They will have a job whether you have a contract or not," said Marsha. "You will still have your sick days that you currently have. You will still have your retirement. You will have your vacation. All of those things that are currently in the contract will be written into administrative guidelines."

President of Teamsters Local 215 Chuck Whobrey says those guidelines can be changed by the school board at will. Teamsters Local 215 represents the EVSC union workers.

"Recently we've been faced much more with a hard line approach, an uncompromising position, it cant just be a one way street," said Whobrey. "It cant just be what I want. You have to have people working together."

Teamsters and the EVSC School Board need to work together if they are going to agree on a new contract, but both sides say they have been giving the other side plenty of chances.

"We value our employees," said Marsha. "We want them to love their job. They do great work for us. We couldn't do it without them. We are going to give them what they need"

Whobrey says EVSC got their ways with healthcare. 

He says right now the biggest obstacle revolves around the duration clause, which deals with what happens when a contract nears its end.

"We want exactly what we had for 32 years which said it would expire on July 1 but either party for the purpose of the agreement can extend it for six months. That's all we are trying to say," said Whobrey.

"It has not been in the contract for a decade," said Marsha. "We cant put it in contract language when there is a no mutual agreement clause in there."

Teamsters and union workers did not vote on the contract yesterday, missing the most recent deadline set by EVSC.  

They had a meeting Saturday morning to discuss it more, but now the contract is off the table.

The contract will officially expire on Monday night, the night of the school board meeting, but according to Whobrey  another contract and more negotiating may come into play.

"If this language was in the current contract The Union representatives would be able to single handily delay the health insurance change implementation," said Marsha. "Costing the corporation in-excess of $400,000 to keep central states insurance in effect until the end of the year."

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