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Mayor Winnecke reacts to Peoria's offer on LST-325

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Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke is reacting to the city of Peoria now officially trying to land a new contract with LST-325.

The Peoria City Council voted 7 to 4 Tuesday night to make an offer to the LST Board.

The city of Peoria has been talking about trying to lure the World War II ship away from Evansville for some time, but now it's official.

Mayor Winnecke says in one sense, he's happy they have finally delivered an offer, but he's also aware there's now another option on the table for the LST Board to consider.

Winnecke says the Board of Directors asked the city Wednesday to clarify some of the language in their proposed contract, although he doesn't believe that will affect their chances.

He says he's confident they have a good deal on the table, and he believes they've shown the board why the LST should stay right where it is.

"We're hopeful that the LST board will appreciate the great outpouring of support the community has expressed for the ship in the last several months," said Winnecke. "I certainly think the D-Day re-enactment and the huge crowd that turned out at the riverfront was a big boost. That was not unnoticed by the LST Board, so I feel good, but also understand that we are in a competitive situation with another city."

Peoria city officials say their offer would cost around $1.6-million.

They plan to use $500,000 of city money and hope to raise the rest through private sectors.

We're told the LST Board could make a decision on the fate of the ship by the end of July.

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