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Henderson woman looking for answers after her dog was shot

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A Henderson woman says a neighbor shot and wounded her dog and authorities say no charges are being filed.

The owner of the dog, Angie Werner, tells 14 News her dog ran out of the house, saw another dog and attacked it.

She says that's when her neighbor shot her dog three times.

The dog, Biscuit, is recovering. Werner says it all started after Biscuit slipped out the back door.
She says a friend, James Peters, tried pulling Biscuit away after it ran after another dog and bit it.

"I was just over top of his collar probably six inches away and that's when I heard the first shot. I didn't even see him pull his gun out. he didn't say anything. he just shot him," says Peters.

Peters says he backed up and the neighbor shot Biscuit two more times.

14 News knocked on the neighbors door, who Angie says shot the dog, but didn't get an answer.

We talked with another neighbor, Carl Spainhoward, who used to walk the neighborhood, but doesn't now because he's scared of Biscuit.

He says he's seen Biscuit loose several times, and doesn't blame the neighbor for shooting the dog.

Spainhoward says, "If it got where I had to walk here at home I was going to take my gun with me and I've got one."

Another neighbor, who didn't want to be identified, has also seen Biscuit running around, says he's a gentle dog and the shooting was wrong.

"I mean I could understand if it was self defense, but if I had a problem with a neighbors dog or any dog in the neighborhood, I would try to talk to the owner first," she says.

Angie asked for charges to be filed, but after talking with County Prosecutor Steve Gold, he sites a Kentucky law that states someone can kill an animal in defense of their animal if the other animal is aggressive.

According to the police report, Gold believes that's exactly what happened.

Also In the police report, the neighbor says this isn't the first time his dog has been attacked by Biscuit.

The report also points out that the friend, James Peters, didn't have a hold of Biscuit, and was several feet back when the shots were fired.

Both dogs are reported to be okay.

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