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Homeowners want flooding problem fixed

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More than 3.5" of rain fell just West of Fairfield, Illinois leaving 10 inches of standing water in one homeowners yard.

They say this has happened 3 times and it's ruining their yard.

Now, they want something fixed to prevent the flooding.

Barbara Lemons says 2 years ago the farm land across the road became a corn field.

She says that changed the way the water drains instead of into a creek it now flows into their yard.

Lemons says she doesn't blame the farmer, but she wants the road commissioner to work to keep water from pooling in their yard.

"It's horrible.  We work and work to make our house look good and the road commissioner won't do his job and makes our job twice as hard," said Lemons.  "The road commissioner needs to dig the ditches and put in bigger culverts to handle the water flow."

Lemons along with some neighbors have been to road commission meetings and they've been told that the ditches will be repaired, but they have not been given a timeline.

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