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Evansville caretaker arrested, accused of abusing Alzheimer's patient

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An Evansville caretaker was arrested and is accused of abusing an elderly Alzheimer's patient.

That abuse, deputies say, was all caught on camera.

Richard Knee placed a camera in his wife's room at the West River Health Campus.

The reports say he didn't suspect anyone was mistreating his wife, Vernita, who needs around the clock care but he wanted to be safe.

Records show that Richard checks the videos each day and that he saw extremely disturbing care by Denita Bass.

After reviewing the videos, deputies say Bass aggressively throws clothing over Vernita's face while changing her clothes.

In the video, officials say Vernita appears to be in fear as she grips tightly to the bed rails.

Deputies say Bass violently pulled her hands off the railing and attempted to bind her wrists with the sheets.

Officials say the video continues to show Bass hitting Vernita in the face, throwing her in a wheelchair, and even placing her in a headlock as she screams at her.

When the facility was made aware of the video, Executive Director Carla Brown says she immediately called the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office.

During an interview, deputies say Bass admitted to being a little rough with Vernita and she said she was "really sorry" about her treatment.

Officials say Bass was fired and is awaiting a court hearing on Wednesday.

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