Clarksville seeks answers as geese foul town hall

CLARKSVILLE, IN (AP) - A southern Indiana community has a foul situation on its hands, and cleaning it up could cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Geese have claimed the retaining ponds near Clarksville Town Hall as the perfect spot to live and raise their young. But where there's a goose, there's goose poop.

The News and Tribune reports ( ) the droppings have contaminated the ponds and forced lawn workers to use extra safety equipment.

Project Director Brittany Montgomery says lawn workers have to wear masks to avoid inhaling what one official calls "a cloud of goose manure."

The Clarksville Town Council is considering a proposal that would modify the landscape by planting bushes or tall grass near the ponds, adding pebbles to the shores or installing devices that would startle the birds.

Information from: News and Tribune, Jeffersonville, Ind.,

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