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RPS uses rap to combat bullying



The countdown is underway. Every school board in the state has until July 1st to implement policies to educate school employees about bullying --- and the need to create a bully free environment. We wondered how some local school districts were preparing. 

The Richmond Public School Board seems to be taking this seriously. They are even circulating new pledge cards to stop the bullying.  

"Bullying is not right," said local 12 year old rapper Young Prince Charles. "We need to make a change and stop it. It's getting crazier and crazier everyday."

Who can forget the recent incident at George Wythe High School. A teen was held in a chokehold until he passed out as part of the "choke out game."

Local students are also using the Streetchat app. 

"Students are using the app, sending anonymous posts including full names and nude photos," said a Hanover parent in an email to NBC 12 News.

These are the types of things that drove Young Prince Charles to call out bullies in his music.

"I got my own mind. I do my own thing," raps Young Prince Charles in his song Bully This, Bully That. "Roll to the beat of my own drum. Hope you got your own brain. You got a lot to learn."

The music got the attention of Richmond School Superintendent Dr. Dana Bedden. The two are now teaming up to help stop bullying.

"What better message when you are talking about youth and educating them and stopping bullying than someone their own age?" said Dr. Bedden. "He speaks their own language. This way they don't look at me and say look at that old guy. What does he know?"

As for Chesterfield and Henrico? They sent us emails that directed us to their current bullying policy online. This comes as RPS circulates no bullying pledge cards.

"I will not bully others," read Young Prince Charles from the card. "I will try to help others who are bullied." 

The message is simple.

"Stop bullying. No bullying. Can't tolerate it. Don't like it. Don't want it," said Dr. Bedden. "If I could rap I would try to, but I might scare your viewers away."

Young Prince Charles is happy to do his part.

"It's really a blessing and I actually want to thank them so much for taking it serious," said Young Prince Charles who is being called RVA'S Anti-Bullying Ambassador. 

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