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Hometown Proud: "Dirt fishing" for Lane Goodwin


A man from Marion, Kentucky, came up with a unique way to raise money for a charity that's close to many Tri-State hearts, while doing something he loves.

He's honoring Lane Goodwin, the McLean County teen who inspired thousands with his "Thumbs Up" social media campaign before he died of cancer in October 2012.

In his free time, Jarrod Walker enjoys taking out his metal detector and hunting for hidden treasures.  He calls it "dirt fishing".  Recently, he zoned in on one treasure in particular.  Change.

Walker and his dirt fishing buddies, some as far away as Ohio and Maryland, collected change during the month of May and pledged to donate it to the Thumbs up for Lane Goodwin Childhood Cancer Foundation.

"That was just on our minds, and we come up with the idea and we seen where they had been doing other fund raisers and stuff.  We just thought that it would go good for what we were doing," Walker explained.

More than 60 people signed up for Walker's month-long charity event.  He says so far, they've raised about $150.

"Nobody had thought that all that change we throw in a bucket is worth anything, until this," Walker said.

$150 is certainly not a fortune, but it's something, and that's what counts.

"There's a lot of surprise, like it was that simple, too simple that it should have been done before," said Walker.

If it's done again, Walker hopes even more people will pick up a rod (as he calls his metal detector) and go fishing for a good cause.

Lane's mom, Angie Goodwin, says they're grateful for every donation, and they love when supporters come up with new ways to raise money.

She says this past year, the Lane Goodwin Foundation was able to fund $95,000 in grants for childhood cancer research.

We want to share more stories of people in the Tri-State who are going above and beyond to help their communities.  If you known someone who is making their Hometown Proud, send Erin an email at hometownproud@14news.com.

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