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Oakland City gets grant for sidewalks


In Gibson County, Oakland City received a $600,000 federal grant to put in new sidewalks in the downtown area.

The majority of the money will be used to replace existing sidewalks but, on Division Street, a new sidewalk will be added to the north side of the street.

One homeowner on Division Street, Mari Phillips, tells 14 News she thinks a sidewalk is necessary for safety reasons.

"I have my grand kids here and there is nowhere to ride a bicycle," says Phillips. "There are kids in the neighborhood and there is nowhere for them to play or ride. This is a busy intersection."

The mayor of Oakland City, Hugh Wirth, agrees with Phillips. He says the sidewalks are, first and foremost, to increase safety in the city. Wirth says he wants to cater to both the children who walk to school and the elderly in Oakland City.

Wirth says all of the sidewalks will be handicap accessible.

"It really will bridge this whole stretch of town together," says Wirth.

The mayor says, although plans will start to take shape sooner rather than later, the bulk of the sidewalk construction will not start until 2017.

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