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Proposed location for D.Patrick downtown dealership revealed


14 News has learned the proposed location for the downtown D. Patrick Ford car dealership.

The dealership is being moved to make way for the new IU Medical Center.

Their new location will span roughly seven acres and take up two blocks just east of downtown.

The lot will cover an area from Walnut and Sycamore on the north, and New York Avenue and Highway 41 to the east and west.

Officials tell us 46 houses and lots will be demolished. Much of it will need to be rezoned from residential to commercial.

The initial hearing on the rezoning is set for July 10.

We're told by D. Patrick Ford that the deal still needs to be approved by the Evansville City Council and Ford Motor Company.

Many residents in the area understand there are a number of blighted homes in the neighborhood but some feel that they're being pushed out and have no where to go.

"They're kind of old and they've seen better days," says area resident Michael Spurlock. "I mean there's memories here of course but like all things they don't last forever. So they got to go."

"Devastated, we really love our home and we're excited to get it," says another area resident Jami Hoy. "We've got so many kids we have to accommodate, to have room for. So, it's just stressful having to look for another place to live that will be big enough and affordable."

Mike O'Daniel tells us he wants the new dealership to be a partnership with the city and its residents.

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