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Kentucky ranked number 2 for teen driving deaths

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According to the financial site, "WalletHub"- Kentucky is ranked the second worst state for teen driving deaths.

As alarming as that is, Henderson County Sheriff deputies say there are things all of us could do to make a difference before these young drivers take the wheel.

Deputies with the Henderson County Sheriffs office say one in every six teen drivers get in a collision the first year they start driving. They say it's because of speeding and distracted driving.

According to WalletHub, 40 teens died last year in Kentucky as a result of driving accidents.

Henderson County Sheriff Deputy, Terry Harmon, says he's not too surprised; Kentucky has many rural and winding roads.

Harmon says Teens are more likely to get in to accidents than any other age group.

He says one thing parents to need to do is be an example of what a good driver is; putting down the phone and paying close attention to their speed.

Deputy Harmon says, "every time they leave the house there's a chance they can be involved in a collision. One out of six are involved and when they're involved, those collisions, with speed, not paying attention, and driving too fast for conditions are the things that result in a lot more injuries."

Even though Kentucky is on this list, officials in Henderson County say the number of accidents among teens there has reduced in the past few years.

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