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Russ Smith planning to buy a pet sloth

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Russ Smith has big plans for his first NBA paycheck. He's buying a pet. A pet sloth.

"I want to buy my own animal. I'm working on getting a sloth now," Smith said. "I'm working on going through all the steps necessary because I know how serious and as much of an endangered animal that is. I want to do something like that and basically take care of it."

Is he serious? It sounds like he done some research.

"It's an animal that I don't have to, you know, like a dog, for example, it could bite somebody or it could run in the middle of the street or it could do something that I wouldn't expect because it's quick," Smith said. "The sloth is more hands on and if it goes anywhere I'll be able to get to it. It's just something that I'll be able to take care and keep my eye on, and keep my hands on enough that it won't get out of control."

Smith said that he does have a name in mind for his pet sloth, but that he's not ready to go public with it.

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