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Changes to earning frequent flyer miles

Frequent flyer mile changes Frequent flyer mile changes

If it hasn't happened already, it's likely your favorite airline is about to change one of your favorite perks. A change so drastic that travel experts suggest maybe you should drop them as your favorite.

United is joining Delta, JetBlue and Southwest in basing frequent flyer miles on money spent, not miles flown.

"So the amount of redeemable miles you earn for awards travel will be based on the amount of money you spend," says Brian Kelly,

The Points Guy founder Brian Kelly says this will really separate elite and business travelers from economy class.

"In the grand scheme of things most leisure travelers are going to feel the pinch on this one," says Kelly.

Because of their merger, it may be a year or longer before American and US Airways join the club, but Kelly and other travel experts say maybe it's time for consumers to take a good look at their loyalty program.

"And if you've been flying a certain airline blindly simply because you think that you're getting a lot back in return it may be time to think differently," says Kelly.

Think differently not by joining another airline's frequent flyer but relying, for example, on credit cards which they say are the easiest way to rack up miles these days... provided you pay them off in full monthly.

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