High school dropout becomes neurosurgeon

In 1976, Geoffrey Manley dropped out of Lafayette High School. He was only a sophomore, but money was tight and he felt like he needed to help support his mom and brother.

He'd always enjoyed working with his hands, so he got a job as an auto mechanic at a Texaco station in Gardenside.

He began to specialize in foreign cars, which by the early 1980s were just appearing on Lexington's roads. One of those drivers was Sheldon Steiner, a University of Kentucky biology professor, whose Toyota Corolla wasn't running quite right.

Manley fixed the car, and then started up a conversation about science that would take Manley out of his mechanic's coveralls and into a neurosurgeon's scrubs.

Today, Manley is one of the world's experts on traumatic brain injury.

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